The Last Diet Ever - A Mind, Body & Soul Course to End Dieting for Good. 

Tell me, beautiful soul, does any of this sound familiar?

No matter how many times your partner says, ‘You look great!’, every time he puts his arms around your waist you cringe.
No matter how many times you try on last year’s jeans, they still don’t fit. (Maybe you bought the magical shrinking variety?)
You know the ins and outs of so many diets you could create your own and make a fortune...if it wasn’t for your pesky job.
You’ve been wrapped and kneaded, peeled and drained more times than you can count but those three pounds are back on by morning.

You’ve tried kale juice and chia pudding. You’ve tried Insanity and hot yoga. You’ve been hypnotised and you’ve tapped yourself silly. And you still feel fat.

You know you need to get focused to get this under control, but focused on what? And in what free time? And with what spare cash? Should you ask your boss for a standing desk? For a raise? Or for part-time hours? Because it seems like nothing’s going to change while you practically live in the office.

So you’re still searching.  For something. Anything. THE THING that actually, finally, completely, irrefutably works.

Meet The Last Diet Ever - A Mind, Body & Soul Course to End Dieting for Good.

The Last Ever Diet is a 12-week virtual group programme for savvy business (wo)men and entrepreneurs who are ready to truly shine from the inside out – without calorie counting, deprivation, restrictions or overwhelm. 

I can’t believe how much progress I made. I achieved goals I didn’t even realise I had! I can honestly say I feel happier, healthier, better about my relationships and better about myself. Of course I still have challenging moments but Zhanna has equipped me with techniques to manage and move through these moments.
— Johanna M, PR Manager


If you’re fed up with yo-yo dieting, ‘miracle’ supplements and weight loss ‘secrets’, if you’re sick of not seeing the results of your hard work, and if you’re ready to step up and take charge of how you look and feel, for good, you’re in the right place. Healthy, holistic and downright heavenly, The Last Diet EverTM will turn what you thought you knew about losing weight on its head.

And it will help you do these things:

  • Learn how to nourish yourself on and off the plate without guilt or deprivation

  • Ditch the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

  • Create a loving partnership with your body and with food

  • Discover how to nourish yourself on all levels – mind, body and soul

  • Create habits and practices that make you feel alive, empowered and happy in your skin regardless of the number on your scales (yes, really!)

  • Arrive at a place where you desire change because you love your body, not hate it


Sound like a complete transformational makeover? That’s because it is!

In a supportive, loving and judgment-free environment you'll join other successful, smart, savvy women just like you who are ready to say goodbye to diets, fall in love with their body, regain their self-confidence and zest for life, and say hello to their most fabulous selves.

I started working with Zhanna because I wanted to lose weight, regain my energy and get more flexibility in my body. I was looking for an approach that would allow me – a mom of five and a business owner – to achieve sustainable changes without diets and deprivation. Four months into the program I lost 13 pounds, have more energy, consistency in my exercise and self-care routine. I genuinely feel happier about my body and myself.
— Theresa K, Business Owner, USA

And what if I told you you could take part from bed? Or the kitchen table? Or your iPhone? At midnight or 6am. Or on a Sunday evening .  

The twelve wonderful weeks of Soulful WeightLossTM are delivered entirely online.  You’ll have all the materials, resources and support you need to achieve your goals wherever you are, from an executive hotel to your own sofa.


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