Here is what clients say about coaching with zhanna

When I started to work with Zhanna, I was in a difficult place emotionally and physically. I had just separated from my husband and my self-esteem was at its lowest.

I felt anxious, overwhelmed and physically exhausted. I wanted to regain my confidence, lose weight, improve my energy levels and gain control over my physical and emotional wellbeing.

Six months into the program I have more energy, feel happier about myself and enjoy life again. My wellbeing is now top of my priority list and I know how to optimally nourish and support my body and mind. 

I’d highly recommend Zhanna, especially to busy working moms who juggle thousands of responsibilities and have no time to look after themselves!

                                                        Liliya B, Compliance Manager, Singapore

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I wanted to be healthy without having to feel like I was forcing myself to be healthy. Zhanna and her magical wellness fairy dust helped me to do just that.

Her knowledge of natural solutions (both practices, tools and foods) was invaluable. And she has a unique way of teaching them so they don't feel like a punishment, but something you effortlessly integrate into part of your life and look forward to - that has what made her teachings become a permanent part of my life.

She helped me heal my old habits and create wonderful and empowering new ones. I'm an altogether happier and and better person from her coaching. 

Zhanna is very encouraging and at the same time she holds you accountable, so you can achieve your goals and feel supported every step during  the process.

                                                       Krystal C, Author and Host of Krystal TV, USA

Before I started working with Zhanna I didn’t know what a holistic health coach did or could help me with, but after the initial session it all made sense – there was someone out there who could bring all my health, wellness and lifestyle goals together and help me achieve them.

Six months on, I can’t believe how much progress I made. I achieved goals I didn’t even realise I had! I can honestly say I feel happier, healthier, better about my relationships and better about myself. Of course I still have challenging moments but Zhanna has equipped me with techniques to manage and move through them

I would highly recommend Zhanna to anyone looking for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

                                                        Johanna M, PR Manager, Australia

After being diagnosed with IBS, I needed to change my diet and lifestyle so I joined Zhanna’s program to regain overall health and faith in my body. Just three months into my program, my IBS symptoms are almost completely gone!

The program also changed me as a person. I feel empowered, in love with my body, reconnected with myself and capable of greater things. I'm learning so much and it's actually fun!

Zhanna is a very warm and knowledgeable person and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with getting on the right track with their nutrition, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Marscha S, Project Manager, the Netherlands

I started working with Zhanna because I wanted to lose weight, regain my energy and get more flexibility. I was looking for an approach that would allow me, a mom of five and a business owner, to achieve sustainable changes without diets and deprivation.
Four months into the program I lost 13 pounds, have more energy, consistency in my exercise and self-care routine. I genuinely feel happier about my body and myself.

Zhanna helped me to stay on track and gave me the tools to move myself forward towards my goals. She is really knowledgeable, caring, patient and seems to have just the right strategy for every situation.

Theresa K, Business Owner, USA

Marcela PD testimonial picture.png

It's amazing how much energy I have in the morning after just two sessions with Zhanna! My relationship with food has changed too. Now I eat well – not because I have to, but because I actually enjoy it.
Zhanna helped me discover what works well for my body and gave me the tools to create my own individual path to health so I could accomplish my goal of a healthy lifestyle. 

I found our sessions really motivating and inspirational. And I especially loved the integrative character. We covered everything from meditation to nutrition, to facilitate changes on both physical and emotional level.

Marcela P, Art Consultant, UK

Prior to working with Zhanna, I suffered from high levels of stress along with digestive problems.

Zhanna helped me uncover the root causes of my problems and through her guidance I was able to resolve the issues I was facing.

Having someone like Zhanna on my side made all the difference for me. I highly recommend her!

Patty S, Massage Therapist & Coach, USA

With loads of energy and passion for health and wellness, Zhanna gave me the right tools and support to make healthy, long-lasting lifestyle choices. 

It was a dream come true when I finally got rid of my sleeping disorder!  

With this transformation I now feel strong and motivated to meet life’s situations in a positive way.

Monika A, Marketing Manager, Sweden

As a new mom I found myself constantly on the run and overwhelmed by unexpected situations. 

Zhanna helped me understand how important it is to just stop, breath and find time to value and appreciate myself. 

Her presence made all the difference and helped me truly fully believe in myself and my abilities, to change my mindset, move forward and release negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. I came out with a focused mind for achieving new goals.

Dumi M, Software Developer, Romania

Zhanna is not only very knowledgeable about her ‘craft’ but also very committed to her clients and their wellbeing. 

I was really impressed with her dedication and willingness to help: what I call ‘generosity of spirit’ – a very beautiful quality. 
Give yourself the gift of being supported by Zhanna!

Yana F, Senior Tax Advisor & Business Owner, Canada

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I wanted to create a healthier lifestyle for me and my kids, and to understand what nutritional choices to make to optimally support my family, so I booked a supermarket safari and health coaching session with Zhanna. I loved it! She guided me through the supermarket, explaining what the healthy choices are and why.

I found the session very practical and came away with tons of tricks and tips on how to get the most nutrients out of grocery store products.

I can’t tell you how excited I was the first time I went to the supermarket after our sessions! Like a little kid at the toy store, experiencing a whole world of new, healthier choices.

                                                        Karla B, Legal Affairs Officer, the Netherlands

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The DIY Natural Skincare Workshop is an amazing opportunity to be introduced to making your own healthy cosmetics. I always wanted to know what the alternatives were to commercial cosmetics available in stores, and I was particularly interested in Ayurveda remedies. This workshop answered all my questions! 

Zhanna is a perfectionist and adapts her classes to your needs, is non-judgmental and supportive at all times. If you need a gentle guide to help you take a step in the right direction – she is the one!

Damir A, Supply Chain Specialist, the Netherlands

I loved the DIY Natural Skincare Workshop! It was really in-depth and informative... and fun at the same time!

It’s amazing how soft and smooth my skin feels after only 10 days of using the products I created myself. My skin is looking healthier and I absolutely love it!

Zhanna is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic - all the ingredients for a great teacher.

You get so much information and well as your own hand-made, natural skincare products. This workshop is a great chance to spend an afternoon with your girlfriends, and it’s excellent value for money!

Liudmila P, IT Consultant, The Netherlands


I had the privilege of attending Zhanna’s workshop on DIY Natural Skincare. I’ve never spent more than five minutes on skincare and makeup, so to hold my interest the solution had to be simple and efficient.

The DIY Natural Beauty workshop was a revelation! Insightful, colorful, flavorful and mind-opening. You really can have happy skin with as little as 7 minutes of care, twice a day.

Zhanna is warm, friendly, generous, complex and approachable - there for you and happy to share. I’ve never been happier with my skin after this workshop. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. You will absolutely love it!

Marilena S, Supply Chain Manager, the Netherlands