NOURISH & THRIVE: 6 Month Private BODY AND MIND transformatioNAL PROGRAM

I have a question for you.

Do you actually believe that the price of a high-flying career is stress, overwhelm and illness?

I used to. Really I did. I believed that my career came free with long hours at the office, working weekends, and when things got hard – pushing myself even harder.

I get it. You’re driven. You’re rising. And on the surface you have it all: a great job, a loving partner, a beautiful place to live and a shiny career your friends envy.

To everyone else, you’ve ‘made it’.

But something isn’t right.

You should be happy. But you’re not. And you can’t quite put your finger on why.

Meanwhile your body has declared war on you.


Perhaps you’re living in a digestive nightmare.

Perhaps your energy levels have reached rock bottom.

Perhaps your latest physical shocked the hell out of you.  

Perhaps you’re bordering on burnout or recovering from one.

Perhaps your hormones are in total havoc.

Perhaps you’re stuck in an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating.


The more you try to fix yourself, the more unfixable you feel. And you find yourself asking, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ almost daily.

I’ve been where you are now, so I know how it feels. Exactly how it feels. Eventually, after hitting rock bottom, I figured out how to heal my body and my life on my own.


It took extreme measures like ten days of silent meditation and a trip to Antarctica (yes, really) to find the answers I was looking for. Answers like these.

  • Transformation starts with saying ‘NO’. Deciding NOT to accept the way things are.
  • Your health, wellbeing and balance is NOT the price you pay for each promotion.  
  • You do NOT have to sacrifice time with your children, vacations and sleep on the altar of success.
  • And NO, it’s NOT acceptable to burn out.  

There is another way.
With small changes, applied consistently, and with right support and accountability, you can have it all.

Health AND happiness.

Sometimes I still cannot believe how easy it is after your coaching to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Where it used to be hard work, now I make healthy choices by default. I have so much energy, I am happy to go to a gym or spend forever in the kitchen prepping a meal. You have changed the way I think, and the way I treat myself as well as others. I really cannot thank you enough for this gift of healthy living.
— Marscha S, Project Manager, The Netherlands

My six-month one-to-one programme – tailored to your unique lifestyle and needs – is proven to get you from frazzled to fabulous in six months.

You’ll learn to:

  • Leave behind the self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck
  • Step into a loving relationship with your body and feel great in your own skin, regardless of the size of your jeans

  • Discover and adopt a way of eating that resonates with your unique body, makes you feel great and look amazing

  • Regain self-confidence and cultivate an “I can do it” attitude so you can finally create the fulfilling life you desire

  • Learn how to nourish your body, mind and soul with foods on and off the plate

  • Identify what areas of your life are undernourished and create healthy practices to fill the gap

  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that feels empowering and exciting
  • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight. (No, it is not about the number on the scales, it is about how you feel)

  • Skyrocket your energy and maintain it throughout the day with ease

  • Reduce inflammation and re-balance your body naturally through nutrition, movement and mindset transformation

  • Create an exercise routine you love and can stick to

  • Understand, deconstruct and ditch your cravings and emotional eating patterns

“Six months into the program I have more energy, feel happier about myself and enjoy life again. My wellbeing is now top of my priority list and I know how to optimally nourish and support my body and mind. ”
— Liliya B, Compliance Manager, Singapore


  • Access to my newsletter
    with all my latest health tips and recipes

  • Discounts on my live and virtual events

  • A copy of each of my eBooks:
    ‘Supercharged Breakfasts’ and ‘Eating for Energy’

  • My personal commitment to your health and success

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month
    via Skype or phone (12 sessions in total)

  • One 30-minute follow up session
    (six weeks after programme completion) to check on your progress and ensure you're still going strong

  • Unlimited email support between the sessions for tricky questions, craving emergencies and anything else you’re stuck on

  • Handouts, recipes, tools and resources,
    as well as personalised gifts to support your progress

Not sure which programme is the best fit for you? Or want to make sure you’ll love working with me?  

Join me for a free no-strings attached Clarity Session to discuss your health and wellness goals and how working together can best support you.

Six months on, I can’t believe how much progress I made. I achieved goals I didn’t even realise I had! I can honestly say I feel happier, healthier, better about my relationships and better about myself.”
— Johanna M, PR Manager, Australia

What makes this program different
from other things you may have tried?

Unlike many diets, bootcamps or other change methods you’ll find out there, this is not a fast fix.
This is about sustainable change that lasts, and it happens on four levels.


1. Physical level: How you eat, move and nourish your physical body on and off the plate.

2. Emotional level: Your feelings about yourself and your ability to create the life you want.

3. Intellectual level: What you think, how you think and what you believe.

4. Spiritual level: Your deeper sense of meaning and purpose; your values, and connection with the things and people surrounding you.

Most changes don't stick because they usually take place on only one or two levels. By incorporating four levels into this transformation process we are able to create deeply felt changes with lasting impact.


Here’s exactly how everything works:


Apply for a Clarity Session

To ensure that I can provide you with the personal attention and support you deserve, I work with a limited number of private coaching clients at any given time.

If you just have a quick question, feel free to EMAIL ME FIRST.

And if you're ready to take ownership of your health, life and happiness, book your free, no-strings attached Skype Clarity Session. BOOK NOW

When you book, you’ll need to fill in a short questionnaire to help me understand your situation and draw up specific recommendations (just for you!) so you can get the absolute most out of our time together.

I’ll respond within 48 hours to schedule your complimentary session to chat about your goals, my coaching style, and how working together would best support you.

Enrol and schedule
your sessions

Once we agree on what programme is the best match for your goals and needs, you'll choose a payment option and schedule your sessions. Payment is required to secure your program. After you have paid, you’ll receive a link to my calendar so you can choose a day and time that works for you, regardless of where in the world you are.  




Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions

We’ll meet every two weeks via Skype or phone. During these individually tailored sessions we’ll brainstorm your intentions, get you unstuck, and make a plan to see you busting through any barriers (like resistance or overwhelm) that have previously held you back.

We’ll examine what’s working well, which areas could do with a little tweaking, and what your next steps should be to see you truly rocking your health and creating the lifestyle you desire.

You’ll receive access to a private Google Drive workspace where you’ll find all of your coaching notes, handouts and resources to help you take powerful steps towards your goals.

Zhanna helped me understand how important it is to just stop, breathe and find time to value and appreciate myself. Her presence made all the difference and helped me truly fully believe in myself and my abilities, to change my mindset, move forward, release negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. I came out with a focused mind for achieving new goals.
— Dumi M, Software Developer, Romania

To get started creating a body and life you truly love, or to simply find out more, book your free Clarity Session.