Forrest Yoga DEfined


Forrest Yoga is an intelligent, innovative healing system developed by Ana Forrest over 40 years to specifically address the physical and emotional stresses and challenges that we face in our modern lives. Forrest Yoga is simultaneously dynamic, intense and playful with a strong emphasis on physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Hatha Yoga and Native American medicine, Forrest Yoga allows for you to experience a physiologically sensible practice, to safely and effectively heal from an injury, to release tension and bring aliveness and new energy to every part of the body. You will build flexibility and strength, while connecting to your core and unwinding the neck, shoulders and hips.


The Forrest Yoga practice challenges students to access their whole being, and to use Forrest Yoga as a path to finding and then cleansing the emotional and mental blocks that limit their lives and prevent them from thriving.  


Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. The practice is founded on four pillars -- Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. The four pillars are an incorporated in every class through intent, healing practices (aka ceremony) and yoga asanas.


Practicing Forrest Yoga on a regular basis a great way to improve the following health conditions: 

  • Digestive problems

  • Constipation

  • Lack of Energy and/or focus

  • Depression

  • Physical and emotional stresses

  • Back pain

  • "Mouse arm" problems

  • Neck & Shoulders problems

  • Emotional trauma

  • Toxicity (physical and emotional)

  • Insomnia

  • Excessive and prolonged stress

  • Burnout

  • Addictions (sugar, coffee, alcohol, etc)

  • Excess weight

Zhanna is a wonderful and passionate yoga teacher that will help you work deeper on an emotional and physical level. Her energy is just amazing and she is such a loving friendly human being. Go work with her!
— Theresa S, Germany


As a Forrest Yoga teacher, Zhanna has the ability to speak with sweet encouragement as she clearly and intelligently leads you through the practice. Her knowledge of natural nutrition and healing, paired with the therapeutic and stimulating practice of Forrest Yoga makes her a dynamic teacher and inspirational coach.
— Claudine B, Germany

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