Private 1-on-1 and couples sessions 

Online (worldwide via Skype/Zoom) or in person (selected locations) 


A private session can easily be one of the best yoga experiences you have ever had and is an ideal solution for anyone with high levels of stress, busy/irregular schedule or frequent business travel. 

Private sessions are hundred percent tailored to your needs and take into account your injuries, pains and aches, emotional blockages, your lifestyle, your physique, allowing you to experience the benefits of yoga in a safe environment of your home or office at your own pace. Every session is a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation.


If you have never done yoga before, private sessions are a great way to embark on your yoga journey and develop a healthy habit of exercising regularly. If you have injuries or physical pains and aches (so common among modern desk warriors), you will learn to work with these areas and heal them much faster than you would in a typical yoga class.

I’ll hold you accountable to actually show up and do the work, but I’ll also gently guide you to shed your old patterns, drop the limiting beliefs and explore your capacity to develop your own potential, both on and off the mat. 
You will experience personalised guidance and hands-on assists through each asana with focus on proper alignment, breathing technique and the meditative aspect of yoga. 

Forrest Yoga is a powerful healing practice with a strong emphasis on physical, mental, and emotional healing. It builds flexibility, intelligence and strength while helping deepen the relationship with your authentic self. Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. The practice is founded on four pillars -- Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. Learn more about Forrest Yoga HERE

Zhanna is a wonderful and passionate yoga teacher that will help you work deeper on an emotional and physical level. Her energy is just amazing and she is such a loving friendly human being. Go work with her!
— Theresa S, Germany


Ways to work together Privately: 


Private 1-on-1 sessions 

Online private sessions are available worldwide via Zoom/Skype.
In-person private sessions are offered in Naarden, Bussum, Huizen, Blaricum and Laren, the Netherlands.


Private Couples Sessions 

In- person sessions in Naarden, Bussum, Huizen, Blaricum and Laren, the Netherlands. 


ONLINE PRIVATE 1-ON-1 YOGA via Skype/Zoom is a fantastic way to ensure that you develop & keep a regular yoga practice no matter where you are. If you reside outside of the Netherlands, travel a lot for business or have an insanely crazy schedule, Online Private 1-on-1 Yoga is for you. Having an accountability partner and a knowledgeable guide will ensures that you  show up, do the work, stay on track and actually achieve your goals, no matter how busy you are. Regardless where you are located, we fill find the time that works for your busy schedule. All you need is an open mind, a positive attitude and willingness to do the work. 


IN-PERSON 1-on-1 YOGA & COUPLES YOGA are available at the following locations in Noord-Holland, the Netherlands: Naarden, Bussum, Blaricum, Huizen, Laren, Amsterdam. It is a great options for individual or couples who prefer to work in person rather than via the Internet. The sessions take place at your home or office. 

All Private Yoga sessions can be can be conducted in English or Dutch. Depending on your needs and wishes, each session will last 60, 75 or 90 minutes. 

Online private yoga is a fantastic solution for my super busy professional and personal schedule. Working with Zhanna had a significant impact on my health - just after a few sessions my concentration and sleep have improved, I felt more balanced, happier and healthier!
Zhanna is a great yoga guide. I love that every session is customized to my individual needs and that I can do yoga from the comfort of my home. I look forward to every class!
— Liliya B, Compliance Manager, Singapore


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Zhanna is a very smart and clear thinker who loves what she does and is a great example of living a healthy life and a life she loves and believes in. She is able to assess her clients’ needs in a very personal and customized way. Her advice and coaching are invaluable!
— Amie Merwitzer Mouneimne, France