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Hands up if this is what you’re thinking:

  • That working with a health and wellness coach is for other people. Probably people with more money than motivation.

  • That telling a stranger about your secret fridge raids and that you just pretend to like yoga because everyone else does, sounds unbearable.
  • That the minute you tell people you’re even interested in working with a coach, they’ll tell everyone how they’re ‘genuinely worried’ about you.


Been there. Been there. Been there.

I get it. This is a new thing. 
And you’ve probably have a hundred ‘new things’ stuffed in the back of your closet with your heels and handbags.

But your courage and curiosity have brought you this far. Who’s to say how much further they can take you.

Maybe to a phone call.
Maybe to a decision that ‘enough is enough’.
Maybe to total mind, body, soul transformation.
Maybe just to using the form to ask me a question.

So go on. Reach out. Ask. You have absolutely nothing to lose.